Friday, September 02, 2005

i'm a mama, housewife and students

At 3 a.m just being woke up by my daughter's crying.arghhh what should i do. got to wake up early coz my class start at 8.30 in the morning tomorrow. looking at my husband who just have wonderful dream (smiling with drools at his face) i feel like slapping his face. for others, this crying might seems to be nightmares but for me it just a responsibility that i have to attend to. Maybe at first i felt like dying but i started to love it each single day. having a wonderful princess like damia, anyone will be proud of her. she can get down from her bed of her own even she's only 7 months. just imagine her intelligence. never create problems to me. even her smile can melt down icebergs in Antartics. but recently, she always wake up at night by nightmares ( i think) crying her heart out. and this nightmares..... i think i should find out where it begins.