Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Knock! Knock! "Who's There?" (The Creepy Knock Knock Ghost)

My daughter asked me yesterday whether she can have a Halloween Party. It is so IN nowadays in Malaysia, all these costume party and all. I don't mind it at all, it is fun and we get to dress up as GAGA! Anyway talking about Halloween, I got tonnes of scary story that happened to me on this particular day.

I was in UiTM, Arau Perlis Branch that year for my diploma. Anyone that ever step foot in that university can tell that it is a bit creepy. It is very old, surrounded with rubber plantation and paddy field  for Farm Science Student. Very quiet and secluded, a perfect area for students. As there were lots of students registering, they don't have enough hostel for all of us. Some were placed in a horse stable that being remodeled to a hostel. I am one of them. After 4 months there, came October and Halloween. For those 4 months, almost every month we heard ghost stories from the other students. Some said that they met "the Ghost" on their way to morning prayer. Some said at night. Always a story every weekend. Fortunately for me, I never came across one, until that night.

I remember that day, second batch for diploma registered and were placed in the horse stable hostel. They stayed in a room next to me. I was never too concerned or interested to meet up new people and introduce myself. Sooner or later we going to know one another. So, when people were busy meeting the new students, I was just sitting in the room and mind my own business.

That night, after 12.00, everyone seems to be so pasted and slept early. I was the only one awake. I remember I was reading Gila-Gila comic. It was funny and I kept on reading until 4.00am. That was when I heard a knock on the door. Knock! Knock! One time. I looked around and was sure I was the only one that is still awake. Our room got two doors, one in the front and the other at the back. I though I was dreaming, so I just ignore the interruption. Then the second time at the other door, the front door. Knock! Knock! It felt like someone just ripped my soul from the body. I was stark white on the face. There's no way I can ignore it the second time. As I was reading the comic on the bed, I just slowly put down the comic, pulled the blanket and pretended that I was sleeping. With very slow motion so whatever it was outside, cant tell that I was still awake. (Come to think about it, it was stupid, because the knocking must have resulted because "it" may sense my existence!). After about 2 minutes, Knock! Knock! again. This time on the back door. Then it continued alternating between the back and the front door for almost 10 minutes. I felt like dying. And if this thing really wanted to get me, there's no way I'm going to face it alone. So, slowly I got down from my bed and went to my friend's bed. I woke her up very slowly. When she open her eyes, she was about to scream as my face was so closed to hers and I immediately closed her mouth. Then I told her, "Shhh , dont make a sound, just keep quiet and listen!" Then I let go her mouth. Then again, Knock! Knock! on the front door. Both of us was trembling like crazy! We were sure that this thing wanted to get us. My friend picked up her courage and woke up more student until finally all of us were awake and keep close to one another. the knocking keep on continuing for almost one hour now. Eventually, one of my friend, just had enough of it and got down from her bed and crawled to the door and peeked underneath it. She said she can see movement! Ghost can step on the floor! They slide along! So, all of us, with our trembling hands, waited for another knock, reached the door knobs and sprang it open!

There she was, a new student, very small and fast, standing in front of us. One of my friend screamed at her, "What the hell are you doing?" She answered very timidly, " I was just trying to wake you guys up for the morning prayer" After like 5 minutes of terrorizing her with all the nasty words, we got tired of it and get ready for the class. Until today, whenever I remember this situation I will laugh so hard but the fear that I felt that night, it still send my hairs standing!