Thursday, March 25, 2010

the Cock called Elvis and Priscilla

the very gay Priscilla

Elvis; you got style

Normally people wont take roosters or in general chicken as a pet. That's why when John mention that he has pet chickens, I was a bit surprised. It's not that I am against chicken or anything, I love animals, I do. It just that chicken is not snuggly and they have feathers and they shit poo poo everywhere. But when I met Elvis and Priscilla, I agree that they are totally pet-able. Both have different personalities that distinguish them from other plain normal chicken. First they Polish (Poland breed) and second, their name have stories behind it.

Rooster 1: Priscilla

When they first got him, they thought that he is a female, thats why they named him Priscilla, then he grows up to be a very proud rooster. Always bully Elvis and the other 2 female hens (Daisy and Sophie, will blog about them later). He got this "gay" aura around him, let it be the way he walks or the way he crowing in the morning. I don't know whether there is gay rooster but Priscilla proves me one.

Rooster 2: Elvis

Elvis doesn't need explanation, when you see him, You understand why he is called Elvis. with his pin feather's style to his highlighted feathers on his head to his crowing and clucking. Elvis!