Thursday, June 26, 2008

the clock

the clock
from the moment you say i do till the death do you apart. the clock start ticking from that very moment. counting every seconds, the commitment, the love, the memories that couples have to bear. every single second holds the key to the relationship. Playing it roles.

sometimes, the clock might stop ticking.
sometimes, we might felt boring with the old clock and lusting for a new one.
sometimes, one clock wont do any good. we want another one so that we could have choices.

choices. that make human so powerful.
choices. that break many hearts.
choices. that define who we are
but no matter what choices we make, no matter how many choices we make, never regret it. that's what really define us.
if u ever regret, that shows your misjudgement, that shows your misconceptions, that somehow in a way you lost.
you just don't know what you want.

so, the clock. even if it meant to tick for a second. even if it meant to be broken. or even if it meant to be lost along the way. it hold something for all of us. something precious. something that make us the way we are. something called MEMORIES.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

second girl

its been a while i haven't blog
well.........busy busy busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
picture above is my second daughter. Dhia amani naidu. another baby girl?????
i know. but im pleased. girl is easy to take care than boy for me. not to be sexist but u know boys nowadays.
here i am. in my office. trying hard to juggle motherhood and job. im transfered to KL project already. in melawati, for housing development project. we build 78 semi-d's and 9 bungalows. they called Riverview kemensah. hm..........constructions nowadays, with all the material price jumping high, its hard to maintain those profit margin.
well, i hope we could save some cost and gain more incentive from the company. Anyway.......we'll see. to take lunch now. see u on the next publish.
later days.......................
anna loken