Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what you can do with your family on boring day

Seeing family is really a precious moment, some more if they are loud and a bit crazy. A lot to catch up. But even that, if the time is so long, you might get bored in a way. To avoid that and maybe other crisis rising up, here what my family normally do. And mind you, we are really BIG and LOUD family, so if we don't have fun, we end up fighting or comparing each other's kid. That's why we cracking up with ideas..

1. Sing Karaoke and make a bit of a competition, I don't talk about normal competition, you have to act like you in American Idol or something, complete with bunch of judges that will comment.
Ms Pixie with Dangdut Song

2. Play water war, when people are talking, secretly splash them with water. Make it as crazy as you can, smear their face with charcoal or throw eggs on them. But...be ready to be attacked back!
Ms Pixie with a disguise

3. Make a long line of finding frizzy or unruly hair or maybe grey hair!
Nobody Escapes!

4. Cooking Together, Chatting Together, Chatting, Gossiping, Reminisce about the Good all days...
I miss all these talking and cooking together