Friday, April 08, 2011

This little girl is 3 years old today!

Happy Birthday My Darling Dhia.

Things about Dhia that you should know
- Dhia likes to be center of attention (all the times)
- Dhia loves animal and not scared of them at all
- Dhia like to say "NOT YET", everything is not yet, if you ask her whether she is already poo poo, even she is, she will still say "Not Yet!"
- She is sugar addicted, doesn't like to eat rice and Loves Doughnut.
- She can understand a bit of Malay but she doesn't know how to speak one!
- Her favorite word is "Awesome", "Cool" and "Oh My Goodness"
- She still a baby. I don't know how she can be 3 years old so fast.

I Got Summon From MPSJ

Do you know that we can't place garden refuse by the road side? Garden Refuse means leaves, tree, branches or anything from your garden that you want to get rid off. I didn't know that, because as far as I concern I am helping people. Maybe some people wants to use it as fire starter for barbecue or as a compose. So I did what a normal people would do, just place it by the roadside so other people that need it can help themselves to it. And next thing I know, two MPSJ (Majlis Perbandaran Subang Jaya) officers issued me a summon letter.