Friday, April 08, 2011

This little girl is 3 years old today!

Happy Birthday My Darling Dhia.

Things about Dhia that you should know
- Dhia likes to be center of attention (all the times)
- Dhia loves animal and not scared of them at all
- Dhia like to say "NOT YET", everything is not yet, if you ask her whether she is already poo poo, even she is, she will still say "Not Yet!"
- She is sugar addicted, doesn't like to eat rice and Loves Doughnut.
- She can understand a bit of Malay but she doesn't know how to speak one!
- Her favorite word is "Awesome", "Cool" and "Oh My Goodness"
- She still a baby. I don't know how she can be 3 years old so fast.


fLo said...

happy bday dhia!

aunt flo..=p

pixie alex said...

thank u antie flo, hadiah mana?

mommy dhia tolong jawab

lisa_lisz said...

Unty Lishh : Dhia, is't today is your birthday..?
Dhia : Not yet!!!!

btw Happy Birthday gurl ;)

kumfye said...

happy birthay

wishing from

pixie alex said...

@liza : NOT YET!
@kumfye: Thanks dear

Karen90 said...

oh, cute baby :) Happy belated Birthday :)

pixie alex said...

thanks karen