Thursday, May 05, 2011

I have Typical Malay Tastebud

John once said that even I am a very modern kind of girl, more like westerners but my taste bud is still like typical Malaysian (kampung). I actually agree with him. As much as I love to eat steak but nothing beat my love for sambal belacan and all those Ulam. Even now talking about it make me drool. There is a wise saying, You can tell about people from their food. 
Here are the kind of food that I treasure if one day I live in other country. (who knows :P)

1. Ikan Rebus Goreng with Sambal Bacang  

These two are the perfect combination! Just eat it with hot and steamy rice is enough for me. Talking about this combination, I remembered my aunt cook this once for lunch while waiting for her husband. She was cooking and I kept her company by talking to her and by the time that the husband came back, I finished the whole dish! Totally bad..

2. Udang Sambal Petai
I have few friends that always said they dont eat petai, they just eat the prawns. I think maybe because they are embarrass to admit that they do eat petai. (Petai is one smelly bean). But what the hell, I love petai. I actually like petai more than the prawns in this dish. If my grandmother cook this for us when we balik kampung, I collect all the petais' and eat (because my sisters like to act like they dont eat petai). Enough said, Petai is really awesome!

3. Kerabu Perut
This one is totally awesome. It's been so long I didn't eat this as it is hard for me to find people that really know how to do this.

All these dishes is on the list whenever I go back to my grandparents house. Without it, my balik kampung is not complete. Ok guys, I have to stop now because my tummy is rumbling and I am really drooling like nobody business.

Note: The reason of this post is because I ate Swedish meatballs in Ikea for lunch. And while eating it, I was thinking to myself what so special about it? For RM5.90 I can eat all of the above!

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