Saturday, February 27, 2010

fish head curry for love one

During recent Chinese New Year, we visited one of our friend's house for dinner, and his mom make fish head curry. John then dare to complain to them that I never make him that. So, last week while doing our groceries, I saw a fish head, then it just pop on my head that maybe I can make him one.
Today, I woke up..doing some exercise (which is lying on the sofa and watch TV) and check on fish head recipe on the net. I am lucky that I already bought all the ingredients last week. So I am almost complete. it so easy really but maybe it is because i always watch my grandma doing it. And thanks also to John who do bit of helping by making me coffee and not to forget our cat Snow White that keeps me alert all the times cos she keep on coming to the kitchen checking on the fish head.
coffee by John

Snow White trying her luck

With lots of love that I put together in the dish, Mr Boyfriend commented that it is the best Fish Head Curry he ever tasted. I doubted that, but it is indeed a good a try. Here the recipe, happy trying!
The Ingredients

Fish Head
1. 600g fish head (any kind will do)
2. 8 Lady Fingers
3. 2 chilies (cut into halves)
4. 1 tomato
5. 1 1/2 pack of fish curry powder
6. mixed spices
7. 1 cup coconut milk
8. curry leaves
9. salt
10. 4 shallots and 1 halve garlic (grind)
11. 4 shallots and 1 halve garlic (slice for saute)
12. Tamarind juice

- put curry powder in a bowl together with 1/2 cup of coconut milk, grind shallots and garlic mixed and tamarind juice
- heat the oil and saute shallots and garlic slices till turn to golden colors, put mixed spices and curry leaves
-put the bowl ingredients, slow the fire and cover the pot for 10 mins
-put some water and the balance coconut milk
- after 5 mins put fish head, tomatoes, lady fingers and chilies inside.
-salt to taste

serve for 4 peoples
yummy yummy

Monday, February 22, 2010

the memoir of Tuan Hj. Razali & Puan Hjh. Sabariah (aka Atuk and Opah)

Puan Hjh Sabariah and Tuan Hj Razali

"If there is anything that you think you CAN be in the world, BE THE BEST" - Puan Hjh Sabariah

"Go anywhere you want to go, befriends with anyone you want to befriends with, but DO and SAY only what your heart choose because in the end of the day, it is what inside your heart that really matters " - Tuan Hj Razali

If people ask me to write about Family, it will end up about my grandparents, Since I started school in kindergarten, my first drawing which was titled "My Family" is about my grandparents. In primary school I had numerous essays about them and when I am in secondary school, my essay about my grand mother won the Best Essay. They are not rich or even minister or somebody, but they means the world to me.

My grandfather born in 8th July 1931 to a religious teacher, Mohd Yusoff, a Kelantanese and his wife. His father was a typical old time father type that prefers to teach the kids by strict disciplinary systems. Being the 6th child in a family of 7 make him very good with people. Later on when all of them are still young, my great grandfather married his second wife, my great grandmother was so broken hearted and moved to Singapore, left behind all of them. Even being so young, they managed to look out for each other. Their life were hard but all of them finished their educations until Standard 6 (during that time, its a big thing if you can finish Standard 6). Maybe the influenced from my great grandfather, my grandfather later on continuing his study and then got his teaching certificate which qualified him as Preliminary School Teacher. He then was asked to do his posting in Batu Kurau Taiping, Perak, where he met my grandmother.

My grandmother born in 26th July 1942 to an Estate Owner and a businessman Tuan Hj Mohd Herah and his wife Puan Hjh Zainab. She is number 5 in a family of 7. During her childhood days, they were living in luxury. Big house with round about and horse cart and her father was driving Roll-Royce and they have 20 peoples working for them, managing the estate and taking care of the house. Their clothes were custom made and all of them provided with good education. I remember my grandmother always tell me that when Japan took over Malaya, they were not effected at all and their family doctor is Japanese guy that love my grandmother so much. She said that when Japan lose to British, her father was so worried because the Japanese doctor keep on holding my grandmother like he didn't want to let go off her. He was scared that he might suggested to bring her to Japan.
When my grandmother finished her secondary education, they had new teacher (my grandfather) teaching in the district school. He didn't has place to stay. Because the house is so big, my great grandfather suggested him to stay with them. They treated him as a family. My great grandfather loves my grandfather honesty and his will to success in life. He asked him to marry my grandmother where at that time received an offer from University of Bandung, Indonesia to continue her study in Teaching. My grandmother being a smart girl, refused to marry my grandfather. But at that time, women are not encourage to have high education. So with heavy heart she married my grand father. After some times, she saw his wisdom and honesty and fall for him. Together they started a new life in Lenggong. A small town in Perak.
They are blessed with 9 children where the eldest (my mother's brother) passed away because of high fever, which make my mother the first kid. Their lives are not luxurious but they can afford things. My grandmother, coming from a rich family had a difficulties to adjust to a simple life. With lots of love that my grandfather has for her, he saved money and started few small business which are Thai Restaurant (Selera Asia) in Taiping, timber transporting and he also started acting in theaters for local play. With all these side income they managed their life so well.
When my parents married each other they were so young. My mother was 22 and my father was only 18! After a year, I was born on 26th September 1982. Being young parents, they were having difficulties to manage life and baby. My grandparents realized it and offer to take care of me. That is how I started my life with them.
All my mother siblings already started working or in high school that time. So it was only me with them. Grandmother pampered me and never let me do anything myself. I don't even know how to do my hair until high school. My grandfather try to play strict so I know not to step over the line but he read me stories, sing me songs, bought me books and clothes and brought me everywhere he went. They took a pride on me. Always talk about me among friends and when I did something impressive, they send it to newspaper.
After Standard 6, I were doing well in UPSR and got an offer from boarding school. They were so proud of me and talked about it for months. Every 2 weeks, grandmother never fails to show up at my school gate to visit me. My absence in their house effected her in a big way. She will cook my favorite dish, put it on the table and cry.
Now, I am 27 and face lots of things in life. Some were not so proud to mention. But whatever I did, even a mistake, my grandparents are always around to be the shoulders when I cry and to rejoice when I strive. Because of them I am what I am. Because of them I am modest and dare to try than to watch. and I am thankful for the life that they gave me.

Thank you Opah and Atok.

"Life is how you take it, if you carry it with wisdom, modesty, honesty and lots of respect to others, you'll end up with gold. Its up to you to choose." - Tuan Hj Razali & Puan Hjh Sabariah.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiring Day In The Kitchen

Saturday, 13th Feb 2010

Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, I supposed to go back hometown, but the PLUS Highway must be hell of traffic. So plan to go back tomorrow morning at 5am. Since all of us at home, John wants to paint the staircase wall since it look so bad compare to the living room new painted wall. Since i am having really bad back pain since last week, I decided not to help. (hahahahha I am so bad). But i make it up by cooking S.African Dishes for him. I made Yellow Rice and Sosaties. Both are South African's dishes that are originated from Malaya.
Yellow Rice with Raisins


While I am preparing the dishes, Dhia being so helpful. She chats with me and playing with the ingredients. Keeping me company. and the next thing i know, she fell asleep on the kitchen top. Maybe so tired of talking and playing. So Sweet.
I am flying in my dream

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

double trouble

the Drama Queen

The Drama Queen and The Paparazzi

"Mommy!!!!! Dhia write on the wall !"
"Mommy!!!!! Dhia write in my book!"
"Mommy!!!!! Dhia break the glass!"
"Mommy!!!!! Dhia play with the sand!"

That is my daughter Damia, screaming and reporting all the "creativity" done by her younger sister. She is so alert of her sister because i hear these screams almost every hour. If I am not around, she will be reporting to John or sometimes Nuom Sa, our maid or do it telecast to me (talking bout technology). Paparazzi should be ashamed now. and everytime she reporting it, as always i will try to play strict mom role and nag and beat Dhia hands so she know its a wrong thing to do and will remember it next time she wants to do it again. but sadly, it never works. because every week, there will be new mural on the wall (that has to be cleaned by Nuom Sa after Dhia finish with her art work), new sketch in Damia book (that sure will gain Damia bad image in school by her teacher), new glasses in the house (to replace the one that broken) and new screaming tone of Mama Busan (me), cos i couldn't find the nail clipper to clip Dhia nails that is full of sands.
I had a talk with John about it, that she (Dhia) being a baby, and a drama and never seems to understand that i already punish her and she should not do it again. and he said maybe I am not strict enough and maybe the punishment is somehow didn't reach her brain. Because from his observation, kids always naughty but if you punish them reasonably hard while they doing so, they somehow wont do it again cos they couldn't bear the punishment. and it is also important for parent to show them love after you punish them. So they will know that you don't hate them, you just punish them to show what right and wrong.John also suggested that it is important not to stop the creativity. what he mean is, if the kid love to draw, just give them paper and pen and watch them so they will only do it on the paper and not on the wall or floor. I have to admit i agree with him.
So later that night when i help Damia with her homework, i saw lots of pen sketch on the book by Dhia. I called Dhia and told her, "Dhia, next time if you write on kakak book again, mommy beat you", while gesturing my hands with beating position. She said, "OK", I dont know if she understand what I am talking about, but next time if she does, I'll make sure the punishment REACH her brain.

Love them, later days.....