Saturday, February 27, 2010

fish head curry for love one

During recent Chinese New Year, we visited one of our friend's house for dinner, and his mom make fish head curry. John then dare to complain to them that I never make him that. So, last week while doing our groceries, I saw a fish head, then it just pop on my head that maybe I can make him one.
Today, I woke up..doing some exercise (which is lying on the sofa and watch TV) and check on fish head recipe on the net. I am lucky that I already bought all the ingredients last week. So I am almost complete. it so easy really but maybe it is because i always watch my grandma doing it. And thanks also to John who do bit of helping by making me coffee and not to forget our cat Snow White that keeps me alert all the times cos she keep on coming to the kitchen checking on the fish head.
coffee by John

Snow White trying her luck

With lots of love that I put together in the dish, Mr Boyfriend commented that it is the best Fish Head Curry he ever tasted. I doubted that, but it is indeed a good a try. Here the recipe, happy trying!
The Ingredients

Fish Head
1. 600g fish head (any kind will do)
2. 8 Lady Fingers
3. 2 chilies (cut into halves)
4. 1 tomato
5. 1 1/2 pack of fish curry powder
6. mixed spices
7. 1 cup coconut milk
8. curry leaves
9. salt
10. 4 shallots and 1 halve garlic (grind)
11. 4 shallots and 1 halve garlic (slice for saute)
12. Tamarind juice

- put curry powder in a bowl together with 1/2 cup of coconut milk, grind shallots and garlic mixed and tamarind juice
- heat the oil and saute shallots and garlic slices till turn to golden colors, put mixed spices and curry leaves
-put the bowl ingredients, slow the fire and cover the pot for 10 mins
-put some water and the balance coconut milk
- after 5 mins put fish head, tomatoes, lady fingers and chilies inside.
-salt to taste

serve for 4 peoples
yummy yummy


cik kedondong said...


the fish curry totally look delicious..should try sometimes

pixie alex said...

ya kan!
it taste delicious too.
u shud try it
thanks for reading..


cindir-rela said...

u know how to cook! hahah..seriously im shocked! hahah..coz, u look like a stylo girl without " dont care" look about cooking..hahah

sory...:) my 50cents..

have a nice day

pixie alex said...

@cindir-rela : hey dont judge a book by it's cover ok, u shud really know tht nowadays most of "hot" babe can cook!
anyway i take it as a compliment, have a nice day too.

keLiCious said...

**foot print**
Oh... i am hungry..!! look like an awesome dish..!
Anyway Thanks for ur nanged.
Nanged and clicked on ur adv. ^^

pixie alex said...

thanks kellicious