Saturday, April 24, 2010

"De La Rey" Phenomenon

Our sweet de La Rey

"De La Rey, De La Rey sal jy die Boere kom lei?
De La Rey, De La Ray,
Generaal, generaal soos een man, sal ons om jou val,
Generaal De La Ray "
(in Afrikaans)

" De La Rey, De La Rey will you come to lead the Boers?
De La Rey, De La Rey,
General, general as one man we'll fall around you,
General De La Rey"

I am not writing about the famous General Koos de La Rey, the lion of the west with his war tactics or about the famous song by Bok van Blerk which taking South Africa by a storm with its controversial lyrics that being said suggests the young Afrikaners to rebel against affirmative actions, but I am simply writing about our sweet little De La Rey - the Cat.

De La Rey,
I understand loneliness when i see you,
In this big world only oblivion is you,
Day passes and nothing new,
Just hanging there and wish the Wish come true.

De La Rey,
I feel abandon in your eyes,
Deserted when you still new to life,
Rightfully unfair but just realize,
Hard it is but you learn to survive.

De La Rey,
We are different yet we share,
The innermost feeling towards the one we care,
I cant promise I will always be fair,
But I wont desert you anytime, anywhere...

pixie (meow....)

Monday, April 05, 2010

+ Finished or Made UP ? +

I received one big box of Mary Kay product yesterday. It surprisingly impressive as I only pay reasonable amount to register myself as Beauty Consultant and the product that I get is quite a LOT. For those who interested in learning about make up and some tips on the professional make up, you can register yourself or write to me here. The name and phone number is given in the photo attached up there. Or you can visit my friend blog here. Just remember beauty comes from within!