Monday, April 05, 2010

+ Finished or Made UP ? +

I received one big box of Mary Kay product yesterday. It surprisingly impressive as I only pay reasonable amount to register myself as Beauty Consultant and the product that I get is quite a LOT. For those who interested in learning about make up and some tips on the professional make up, you can register yourself or write to me here. The name and phone number is given in the photo attached up there. Or you can visit my friend blog here. Just remember beauty comes from within!


cik kedondong said...

omg!nak jugak belajar.wiieee..i owez bli mary kay.tapi baru facial set.nak bli yg len lak.hehehe

pixie alex said...

to cik kedondong,

boleh order dr saya ok, and contact number yang diberikan tu.


pixie said...

kalau nak belajar... sila contact lah dia