Thursday, January 14, 2010

Damia 1st Day at School

Damia with school uniform

Woke up early at 6am that day, to make breakfast for Damia on her first day at school. (not really made it, more like pour it in the bowl - Coco Crunch Cereal) i know...I'm such a bad mother. Don't blame me, blame the facial routine that i have to follow. It takes lots of my time in the morning. Still find it difficult to remember the steps. Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer and Sun Block. What the heck, should write it on the wall next time.
Damia looked excited. Maybe the thrill of meeting new people other than her psycho mom. But her uniform kinda big for her petite body. but she said its ok for her. More room to move. (have to bear that in mind when i struggle in my tight pantyhose next time).
When i send her to the school gate, i got emotional. My baby growing up...her first day at school. It will not be long till she tells me she has boyfriend i imagine. Before i start going berserk, i left the school and headed home while picturing how her boyfriend shall look. Completely mental.
At 11.00am (Orientation week, they are allowed to come back early) i pick her up at school, she started telling me all the details and showing me stationaries given by school. So cute.
I hope she will not growing up so fast. Alas, who am i to stop time. Whatever it is, she still gonna be my little baby forever.