Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I got bitten by Centipede (Lipan)

This is the suspected convict only that the one that bite me a bit smaller (far more smaller actually).

This is what that thing left me. A red dot of mark that is itchy once in a while

Moral of the Story:
1. Always wear safety gloves when you do gardening especially in damp area like drain or decompose area. Its the mansion of these kind of insects.

Friendly Reminder:
I might become centipede woman!

How to Loose Weight? (Confession of a Blob)

My transition to healthy breakfast

Someone said I gain weight recently and to be honest I did few kilos (5 kilos to be precised). I am so depressed. I cant see myself in the mirror without feeling a tinge of strange feeling. I never felt like I disowned my body. But this has to stop. So I did like everyone else do, exercise.
Few rounds of exercise I cursed myself few times on how ruthless I am behaving in taking tones of junk food. But working in the office is common with this culture. So I listed down few options that I can do other than exercise. My lists consist of liposuction (too expensive couldn't afford it and the thought of sucking out the fat make me cringe in horror), turn to vegetarian (I love meat too much) and so on. Turns out that still exercise is the most effective way. So here I go, exercising in hope that somehow I will become "hot" again.

My motivation