Friday, February 18, 2011

Me, Handphones and Life Story

I remember I used to be broke before, so I couldn't care more about handphone, but since it is included as one of life necessary item, I did own it. Sometimes I bought it second hand or through friends. Now looking back, how much I changed from that situation. Make me feel nostalgic.

Nokia 3310 - This is my first handphone. I bought it using my study loan. That time I am still in university. I did lost this phone two times but ending up buying the same model. I like it, typing message is so easy and you can create your own ringing tone. That time, this considered small. Some people hang it around their neck! Never did that though. Now nobody use this phone anymore. Even my mom now make jokes that this phone can be use as door stopper because it so bulky.
Motorola V3688 - After getting tired of that Nokia, I used this phone because you can use two simcards with this phone. It's not so bad, texting is also easy. But no games and fancy ring tones.
Nokia 3200 - This is the first color screen and camera phone that I owned. So proud of it. You can use song as ring tones too! and the most important is,  can design your own housing! it comes with the cutter.
Motorola T190 - I used this after I finished my study and unemployed. Believe me, this is the worst phone ever. The button is so hard to press and sometimes the antennae fall off and then you can't get the coverage. The sound is also bad. You cant hear what people talk properly. This phone thought me how to swear. Really!
LG U8120 - This is the first phone that I bought after I get a job. It is not so bad. The battery stays for so long, the speaker is loud BUT no Bluetooth, only infrared that is not working at all. But the camera is OK. That time if you lost the charger or screw it up, you finish. Its not a common phone so it so hard to find shop that has the charger.
Nokia 3500 - I love this phone the most! Texting is easy. Speaker is very good and it is very cute. Some people call it Nokia Sandwich, because of the shape. Sadly, I lost it when someone broke into my house and stole it. Can you believe it? I lived in 11th floor with no balcony with only corridor, that guy came in using the back window by climbing the pipe! Weird and very determined thief. For only a handphone! this phone must be really good then.
Nokia 6300 - After I lost Nokia Sandwich, I tried to buy the same model but they don't have stock, so I find something that look similar. This phone is quite okay it just that sometime the back cover come off a bit and it become gappy. But it is light and not so bad.
Sony Ericsson 580i - I bought this phone because of Walkman function. And also the camera is okay. Just that it easily get hang.
Samsung D500 - Honestly, I don't know why I bought this phone. Really like a piece of junk.After a few months using it, the battery which is at the back, fall of easily and I have to tie rubber band to keep it intact. Really make me embarrassed few times in the train.
Sony Ericsson W205 - John bought this after I keep on complaining about that Samsung. The Walkman is really nice but as I used to text using Nokia, I get slow with this phone. and the problem with Sony phone is it hangs easily and sometimes some of my sms cant be read and labelled as unknown. But I like the design. It's cute.
Nokia 6120 - John gave this to me after I complaining that my phone always hang. I like this phone. Really practical and you can video call as it has camera at the front and back. The camera is nice, the speaker is also nice. Really a nice phone.
iPhone - John gave me this phone after he changed to iPhone 4. So far I love every bit of it. Really! the best part is I love the fact that I can just update my blog wherever I am with it.

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