Sunday, July 04, 2010

:: momma knows best ::

Momma still pretty at her 50

Been wanting to publish this post for so long but time is my worst enemy so here for you momma on your b'day.

1. Momma is fierce, if we off limit,
- she caned us
- she chillied our mouth (for swearing)
- she rubbed the coconut shells on our mouth (for swearing again)
but then when we grow up we know not to cross the line.

2. Momma likes to dress up, and make sure we all girls do the same, she said a wife must look attractive on husband eyes.

3. Momma let us be ourselves. When we make choice even if it is a mistakes, she let us because she said human learned best from their own mistakes. It is called experience.

4. Momma knows us well. If someone talk bad about us, she listens but never take it seriously because she knows us well and will trust our judgement.

Love you, momma.