Friday, January 14, 2011

I Look Like Fairy!

Damia has art class today. The teacher ask her to draw Mother and Father.
This is Me. I look Like some fairy in Nickelodeon

This is John, because John is so fair, she doesn't know what color to put. He looks like a villain guy that wants to kidnap fairy "good"mother - Me!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Damia 1st Day of School

I think it just yesterday i wrote about Damia starting kindergarten, now she is already in primary school, how fast! So far she is doing okay. It just me that is still adjusting to the time. Now I have to wake up really early at 6 to cook her breakfast and make her lunch box. Sometimes it's really a mess cos I just couldn't open my eyes. Lucky that she is really a sweetie, so if she sees that her mommy is struggling from the bed, she opt for going to canteen and buy breakfast (what have I done before that I blessed with this girl?). Anyway, I should be going, need to find a really large alarm clock that give the nastiest sound.

p/s: i wish John is here.