Wednesday, February 17, 2010

double trouble

the Drama Queen

The Drama Queen and The Paparazzi

"Mommy!!!!! Dhia write on the wall !"
"Mommy!!!!! Dhia write in my book!"
"Mommy!!!!! Dhia break the glass!"
"Mommy!!!!! Dhia play with the sand!"

That is my daughter Damia, screaming and reporting all the "creativity" done by her younger sister. She is so alert of her sister because i hear these screams almost every hour. If I am not around, she will be reporting to John or sometimes Nuom Sa, our maid or do it telecast to me (talking bout technology). Paparazzi should be ashamed now. and everytime she reporting it, as always i will try to play strict mom role and nag and beat Dhia hands so she know its a wrong thing to do and will remember it next time she wants to do it again. but sadly, it never works. because every week, there will be new mural on the wall (that has to be cleaned by Nuom Sa after Dhia finish with her art work), new sketch in Damia book (that sure will gain Damia bad image in school by her teacher), new glasses in the house (to replace the one that broken) and new screaming tone of Mama Busan (me), cos i couldn't find the nail clipper to clip Dhia nails that is full of sands.
I had a talk with John about it, that she (Dhia) being a baby, and a drama and never seems to understand that i already punish her and she should not do it again. and he said maybe I am not strict enough and maybe the punishment is somehow didn't reach her brain. Because from his observation, kids always naughty but if you punish them reasonably hard while they doing so, they somehow wont do it again cos they couldn't bear the punishment. and it is also important for parent to show them love after you punish them. So they will know that you don't hate them, you just punish them to show what right and wrong.John also suggested that it is important not to stop the creativity. what he mean is, if the kid love to draw, just give them paper and pen and watch them so they will only do it on the paper and not on the wall or floor. I have to admit i agree with him.
So later that night when i help Damia with her homework, i saw lots of pen sketch on the book by Dhia. I called Dhia and told her, "Dhia, next time if you write on kakak book again, mommy beat you", while gesturing my hands with beating position. She said, "OK", I dont know if she understand what I am talking about, but next time if she does, I'll make sure the punishment REACH her brain.

Love them, later days.....

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