Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tiring Day In The Kitchen

Saturday, 13th Feb 2010

Tomorrow is Lunar New Year, I supposed to go back hometown, but the PLUS Highway must be hell of traffic. So plan to go back tomorrow morning at 5am. Since all of us at home, John wants to paint the staircase wall since it look so bad compare to the living room new painted wall. Since i am having really bad back pain since last week, I decided not to help. (hahahahha I am so bad). But i make it up by cooking S.African Dishes for him. I made Yellow Rice and Sosaties. Both are South African's dishes that are originated from Malaya.
Yellow Rice with Raisins


While I am preparing the dishes, Dhia being so helpful. She chats with me and playing with the ingredients. Keeping me company. and the next thing i know, she fell asleep on the kitchen top. Maybe so tired of talking and playing. So Sweet.
I am flying in my dream

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