Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Happy Hari Raya

just a few days before hari raya.everyone else must be so busy shopping their desired.shop until you drop.hm....so funny thinking bout it.

for me,this year i might be celebrating deepavali first with my in-laws.then the next day having a party for my sweet lil girl who gonna be 1 year old.then the next days going back to my kampung in Lenggong to celebrate raya with my family.

dont know how it's going to be.last year im here in KL celebrating raya with my husband and kid.just us.no one else.actually, i kind of afraid to balik kampung.a lot of chaos and catastrophe going to happen as my family are really loud, if you know what im saying.

normally, the night before raya,we going to discuss all the problems.all the matter before will arise. sometimes i just wonder.is it really necessary.i know how it feels to be discussed about in front of other people.the embarassment and the anger that you have to keep inside so that they know that you really wanted to change and be good.(o yeah..i have the experienced as every year it will be about me and my relationship with someone not my race- thank god i finally marry him).i really hope that this tradition gonna be left out as it only spoil the mood.

hm..hope it will be over for me. i mean all the yellings, the questions and the advices that i dont know how to answer and handle.(usually i just sit and cry until they stop - even i know its not professional at all but hell i care)

so...hope you enjoy your Deepavali and raya celebration.just remember whatever happen just be true to yourself.one more thing.....shop until you drop!!!!!

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queenofET said...

waaaa.....epi deeparaya....epi birthday to lil' damia....(SALLY..) hope life onwards will be much better....ari raya utk epi2....hihihi...