Monday, November 21, 2005

home sweet home

My father in law's health condition is really bad right now. he got intestine cancer and at the last stage. as the only son in the family, my husband has to be close to home. so we decided to move back to ipoh. at first, i felt really unhappy as i dreamt about having a job here.but sometimes we have to put aside our need to make others happy.

so, here we are. back to our root. afterall its not really bad. i can start things slowly. gather all the experience before i can prepare myself for the big challenge. i hope everything gonna be fine.

after a few days there, i think i can make myself at ease. it looks fine. the house big and spacious. its ok.

hm... not to forget. i left damia at kampung. so that i can concentrate on my exam. its really a tearful separation. as me and hubby crying our heart out all the way to our house. after two weeks i came back to visit her. she hardly smile at me. maybe she mad at me. maybe she just sad because i left her. nevermind, mummy buy something for you later. mummy didnt mean to
leave u there. anyway hope we can patch things up.

later days.....

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