Wednesday, December 14, 2005


hmmm.... it feels like forever for me to get a job. just dont know whether i should grab whatever coming or just wait for the best.if i am to choose, i'll say i'll wait for the one that i've been hoping for but... everyday my ear have to bear those nagging from my husband about getting a job. its not that he ain't being supportive but we have a rent to pay for.

i dreamt about this before but i never thought that it would get this complicated.with my father in law's health condition, my father economical problem including his mariage problem ( of course with my mother - my mother a bit challenging to handle), and also a small matter that still disturbing that comes all the time such as taxes and indah water bill that never been paid by my in laws while they rented my why should all these happen to me. a good and innocent people like... me. he he he.

whatever it is, i always believe that all these thing will settle. like always. i know i can handle it. just pull myself together and held my head up high and face it like a errr.... man.

later days.....


Anonymous said...

may i know something? are u malay and muslim? your husband is not malay right? is your husband a muslim now?

Anonymous said...